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"And then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that's not enough, what is enough? " - Vincent Van Gogh

"Like poetry, art can be very personal. If it speaks to you - it belongs to you."

Any art lover will appreciate the work that goes into producing an original piece of art. Looking at an original piece of work that is displayed in your home can give you inspiration and lift your spirit.

Xalo Art Cafe is a meeting place for artists and lovers of art where you will discover some outstanding international artists, and follow their creative journeys. Creatives build communities, drawing inspiration from their surroundings and lifestyle. Cultural diversity is evident especially across the continent of Europe, helping us to appreciate, respect, and recognise, ways of being that are not necessarily our own.

As we cross borders and boundaries, our mindsets broaden, allowing us to merge our diverse and cultural creativity. Here you will find artists from all over the world that have settled in places far from their homelands.

Our aim is to nourish these communities and bring their artwork to a platform where it can be seen and appreciated. At the same time we collaborate with local establishments that are keen to keep creativity alive by hosting events and by showcasing art to local customers who have a love of original art.

Art lovers can now support their favourite artists and watch their popularity grow, enjoying the artwork displayed in their home or workplace, either for pure joy or as an investment for the future.

Art For You.

"A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience" - Mark Rothko

All ‘Xalo Art Cafe’ artists are passionate about how they showcase their work. They are perfectly profiled so you can relate to them and connect to their story. We bring their art to you in three ways

The Xalo Art Cafe will collaborate with any venue to host an event featuring artists who wish to physically showcase their artwork and are residing near to their location.

Establishments such as restaurants and hotels can display work by supporting local artists.

You can select beautiful works of art from the comfort of your sofa browsing through digital images.

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