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Naroa Huerta Alba

Naroa Huerta Alba

Spoken communication has not been a good tool for me, it has always been difficult for me to fully express what I feel and feeling inadequate, frustrated and isolated.

From a very young age I took refuge in shapes, colors and the written word, discovering great joy and inner peace. I felt liberated to be able to capture my feelings and to be able to share them with everyone who stops for a moment to observe, thus claiming my space in this vast universe.

For me, art cannot and should not be orthodox or dogmatic. Many artists study at the academy, others even have specializations, there are others that we sprout spontaneously and after a time of personal history, we discover our creative vein.

When I express myself I am healing, it keeps me aware of my here and my now, the past and the future vanish, all kinds of anguish, anxiety, sadness, worry and longing disappear, the only thing that exists is this moment, triggering a feeling of completeness and indescribable joy.

The self-taught artist forms alone, at the point of experimentation and personal search, guided by accidents. Art is something that must flow freely from the depths of being, it is the result of a spiritual will, and it is precisely that freedom of spirit, the only thing that can define a true artist. His very personal way of seeing and encoding his world.

I throw on the canvas, what I have inside, letting myself be carried away by my intuition into the infinite ocean of possibilities, following the signs that the painting indicates to me, without thinking if they are right or wrong or if they comply with the technical rules set by the schools. , … only materializing what I see, what I feel, without labels, without judgments… simply what they are… pure feelings that have come to light.

I enjoy this a lot, it seduces me and I try to seduce by observing the organic and abstract forms, almost hypnotic, that re-emerge on the canvas.

They are cathartic moments that lead me to enormous joy without limits.


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