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Luis Rincon

Luis Rincon

I am Luis Rinćon and I am a Colombian artist who now lives in Spain. Almost forth part of the century I am doing arts in various forms. Drawings, oil paintings, murals, portraits. I started my art life since child as already heard the voice of vocation, and since that I have tried to find inspiration in every moment of my life. Traveling and making sketches, painting murals that reflect not only pleasure and beauty but also problems of our society, investigating the story of my country, creating new forms of my artistic expression. I studied in University of Fine Arts in Spain, had lessons with professors of Repin Fine Arts Academy in Saint Petersburg and participated in various individual and collective exhibitions.

I don't go for one particular theme in my artworks. Everything depends on inspiration, situation and my perception of myself in the universe in this particular moment of time. Mostly I like to paint landscapes and human figures, but if inspiration comes, I can dive into abstract paintings. I also like to paint murals both for interior and exterior. So in everything I do I try to follow my artistic soul.


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