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Lizzy Forrester

Lizzy Forrester

I am originally from the NW of England, (Aintree near Liverpool) I studied Spanish and came to teach in Spain in 1982, and lived here ever since.

Art has always been my passion, visiting all the great Art Galleries, standing in awe for long periods of time, in front of my favourite artists' works; Monet, Renoir, Leonardo Da Vinci, Klimt, Modigliani, Sorolla, Singer Sargent .... the list is endless. All my books are about art, art history, artists and more recently about painting.

Art is 'in the family' I suppose. My father dabbled in oils. I am self taught, and started painting in 2008 after a sort of 'spiritual awakening' and have not put my brushes down since.

It's really all about transmitting to the canvas, board or paper the peace and harmony I feel deep within, and also to try to capture a moment in time, the bright light, contrast or emotional quality in a scene or landscape. That which makes us gasp; to portray the energy I sense in a charged atmosphere.

I am often inspired by the simplest of natural things, reflections in a puddle, an old lamp on a foggy night, the early morning mist on a lake, long shadows in nature, a mysterious forest; a dark scene where a shaft of light somehow catches our attention and stirs something incredible; things that are not visible but is only sensed fleetingly, in a second, deep inside.

It's the emotion nature stirs in me that keeps me painting, and nature itself is probably the most recurring feature in my work. I paint from my heart, and have to stop if I start to analyse or think.... I use classical music or certain arias, from specific operas, as a springboard to get into my work. Painting is meditation for me. I lose myself completely in the work.

I have to paint, otherwise my life has no meaning.

I have been very fortunate to exhibit and sell my work worldwide, and won several awards and prizes. I am self taught, and though I create works in all mediums, my preference is to paint in Oils, or watercolours.


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