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Belen Adamo

Belen Adamo

Belén Adamo is an Argentinian printer and ceramist currently living in Costa Blanca. From early childhood, she discovered the magic of working with her hands and creating things. She feels she must have inherited this from his grandparents who were both makers. Before coming to Spain, while living in California, Belén started searching for ways of making more earth-friendly supplies for her work. During trips to the western deserts, she found beautiful colour rocks and started playing with their pigments in watercolours. The very first one was during a hike in the Great Colorado Canyon where her youngest son smashed a flame-red rock, added some water and made her a watercolour for a quick desert break sketch. It was soon after that trip that she went further in researching and experimenting in making natural pigment ink for her prints.

Now in Costa Blanca, she is discovering the beauty of its geological magic through mountain walks, looking at and gathering colourful soils, clays and rocks. This is how she finds joy, joining her passions for nature and art. With her hands, she gathers rocks, mull and processes them into pigments that finally will make part of her unique ceramic pieces and art prints. The process of making each print is like an active meditation, going back to the moment and the place from where that colour came from, making each print is a timeless trip and a reminiscence of that beautiful place of nature.


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